Last week the 5 of us staff took 9 students to the Nav headquarters for a week! The Glen staff organized our entire week for us, and called it Spring Break Spectacular!  And Spectacular it was!  Each day we had a morning session with various Nav speakers, time alone with God, a workshop, time with our small groups after lunch, free time in the afternoon, another session in the evening, and fun stuff after the evening session. Whew! It was a packed schedule!! Wed. was a ski/serve day, where students chose to either go skiing or serve the Glen. I stayed to serve, and spent the day raking the lawns and making beds! It was a treat to be able to give back to the Glen in a small way like that. Here is a photo of our UNM group:

Of all the stories I could tell of things I learned from speakers, ways God spoke to me during quiet times, adventures with my small group, seeing old friends....there is one story that stands above all the rest, one that I will remember forever! On Monday night, all of heaven rejoiced in the new life of XinXin!!!!! Perhaps you remember me mentioning that Leigh Ann has met with XinXin for the past year and a half, but was not a believer. Well, she chose to come on the spring break trip, which was  a huge step for her. We learned on Monday that she had lied to her boss, telling him that she was available to work all week (she does research in the lab, so is able to work on her own schedule), rather than telling him that she would be out of state all week. Once her boss found out she was in CO, he called and harshly told her to return to ABQ. This is a situation that Satan intended for harm, but God intended for good! Through this situation, XinXin realized that there is sin in her life, and that her sin will always be found out. That night, she and Leigh Ann had a long conversation about Jesus and salvation, and she said she wanted to accept Him!!! Leigh Ann led her in a "repeat-after-me" type of prayer, and then had XinXin tell God her thoughts. She began her prayer by declaring in her sweet Chinese accent, "Dear God, I want to be Your Daughter!" What a JOY and ANSWER TO PRAYER!  I was able to have a long conversation with XinXin the next day, and we rejoiced together! It was so neat to see the new joy in her that I had not seen before! Even though she had to leave on Wed morning to head back to ABQ, God accomplished a mighty work in her life in those couple days! Praise God! Here is a photo of Leigh Ann, Kim, XinXin and I right before she left on Wed:



Tue, 24 Mar 2009 09:30:43

That is a wonderful PRAISE!!


Melissa C

Thu, 26 Mar 2009 14:08:12

Praise God!


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