I had waited all semester for this day to arrive: the day my parents would be here to visit me in Albuquerque! I had everything prepared and planned out: the house meticulously cleaned, fresh yellow flowers on the kitchen table, a menu of meals, activities for each day, ect. It was going to be a great weekend together! They were supposed to arrive at 4:20 on Thursday, but I got a call from my Dad around noon. They were stuck in the Denver airport because of snow. All flights were cancelled, and it was possible they might not get on another flight to Albuquerque. WHAT?? You're kidding right?! My heart sunk at the thought of them not being able to make it. Thankfully, there were able to stay in a motel in Denver that night, and they ended up arriving in Albuquerque Friday afternoon. Praise God!

We had a wonderful weekend together, packed with many activities! We took a hike in the foothills, rode the Tramway, had a picnic in the mountains, shopped in Uptown, an upscale outdoor shopping mall, got a new battery put in my car (so fun, right?!), had dinner with my staff team, played games with my staff team and the girls in the Bible study I lead, went to church, ate at my favorite restuarant here, toured campus, took a long walk, etc! Our time together was way too short, but I loved every minute of it! It was so fun to show them around the town and introduce them to the people I've been living life with this year.  I am so blessed to have them for parents! I love you, Mom and Dad!



Carol Kuhn

Sun, 05 Apr 2009 07:03:02

Hey, I love the story about their visit and the picture of your parents in Albuquerque. Sounds like a fun and very busy weekend. You are doing amazing things, Allison. God Bless!


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