Last week we had our final Caleb Team meeting (leadership training for up-coming leaders), and it was an opportunity to put into practice what the students had been learning. We went out in pairs to do a little "Initiative Evangelism"! This is a fancy term for simply striking up conversations with people with the intent of sharing the gospel. This is something most of the students had never done before...and they were terrified! For some, it took quite a bit of persuading to walk up to someone and begin a conversation!!  Even if this was something I did every week or even every day, I think I'd still get a little nervous each time! Tara and I found a girl sitting by herself studying by the duck pond. I said hello and introduced myself, and then Tara introduced herself, and asked if we could ask her some spiritual questions. She said ok, so we sat down next to her and started digging in! Cecelia is from the United Kingdom, and is here as an exchange student for the year. She has a sweet English accent!! We asked her many questions, like her spiritual background, who Jesus is to her, what she believes will happen after death, etc. She believes in humanity, meaning that humans have the power to live on beyond their lifetime through other humans. Leaving a legacy. She strives to live in such a way that her life will be written down in history...thus living on beyond her limited lifetime. She does not believe there is any sort of afterlife. She believes that Jesus was a great man, but not that He was Lord. She believes that religion is a crutch for weak people, but that if people need that, then that's great for them.  Near the end of the conversation, I asked her "What if what you believed about life after death was not right? What if there really is something beyond this life we're living?" She basically said she'd be in a for a huge surprise, and she would hope she lived a good enough life to get into heaven.  What was shocking to me was that she said she has Christian friends who are so sorrowful by her eternal destination, and they are praying that she would believe. And this frustrates her, that they care so much. Interesting!

So, we had a great conversation with Cecelia. I gave her my contact information, in case she ever wanted to talk more. And now all we can do is pray for her! I love how every time I go out to do initiative evangelism, I dread it a little bit because it is scary (!), but every time I leave, I ask myself, "Why don't I do this more often??!" I want to become someone who naturally strikes up conversation about spiritual things with the people around me because it's simply who I am.

"For we cannot but speak of what we have seen and heard" -Acts 4



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