Well, no. Not hardly, but it sure seemed like it the other day! I in the SUB (student union building) in between a couple one-on-ones, and I overheard a couple girls behind me talking about spiritual things. I tried SO hard to hear every word they were saying, but I only heard bits and pieces of their conversation...just enough to know that one was sharing the gospel with the other! Whoa! In the SUB at UNM?!  Amazing! Before I left that area, I decided to stop by and say hello. I told them how encouraging it was for me to hear a couple of students talking about Jesus and the Bible! They lit up when I said that, so I pray that I was able to water the seed the student was planting in the other girl's life!! So cool! Then, the same day, I was walking to the duck pond, when I overheard a guy say, "Well, I know I should really spend some time praying about it and seeing what the Bible says..." Sweet! I felt like a huge revival was going on that day...even though it was only 2 little snippets of conversation I heard! God is at work at UNM!



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