I thought I'd do a mini spotlight of each of the women I am meeting with one-on-one so you can get to know them a little bit!

Meet Andriea! She is a freshman at UNM, and a girl full of spunk and love for Jesus! Each week we are going through a few chapters of a book called "One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven", by Mark Cahill. This is a book I highly recommend everyone to read. Sharing Jesus Christ with lost people is "one thing you can't do in heaven", and is the basis of this book. Andriea mainly has friendships with non-Christian students at UNM, and her heart has a huge burden for the lost. We discuss fears in sharing our faith, ways to turn conversation into a spiritual direction, how to answer difficult questions, and praying for her lost friends and older sister. God is going to impact the world through this girl!!

You have already met Jalene a couple times, as I have blogged about her before. She is a sophomore at UNM this year, and will be getting married in July! She took a year off school after her freshmen year to work with Work Corps students. She and Nathan will be moving to Fort Collins, CO in August, which is where he will spend 3 years in Veterinary School. They are in Fort Collins as I write this, searching for a house! Jalene and I are going through a book called "It All Comes Out in the Wash." We hold each other accountable for our time alone with God, talk about balance in our lives, pray together, and of course, talk about wedding plans! She is a wonderful friend, and I will miss her dearly!!!

Meet Valerie! Valerie is a Junior at UNM, and has been involved in the Navs for a couple years now. Just this past summer, she gave her life to Christ! We meet each week to go through what the Bible says about various topics such as the importance of the Word, time management, what God desires of us, prayer, ect. It's a joy seeing her catch on to the basics of the Christian faith!

Meet Kristen! She is a freshemen at UNM, and has been in my Bible study all year. It's been so fun to get to know her!  She is another girl with a ton of spunk, though she can be very quiet at first. We just started meeting together one-on-one this semester, and we are going through a book called "Respectable Sins" by Jerry Bridges. Great book! We talk about sins that we often overlook, or dismiss as "little" sins, and how to deal with the sin in our lives. Last week we talked about  anxiety, and how it stems from a lack of trust in God. I love how Kristen gets so excited about what we discuss! I wish you could have seen her last week at Bible study, as she thought it was a  great idea to make S'mores in the oven! It was quite the sight, as she ended up with chocolate everywhere...the front of her shirt, her shoulder, her face & chin, the bottom of her foot, as she slipped in a puddle of it on the floor...what a hilarious sight! There is a lot of laughter when she is present!

Meet Lauren! Lauren is also a freshman at UNM, studying nutrition. She is a woman who passionately seeks the Lord in all she does, and she is such a joy to spend time with! She and I seem to have a ton in common (love for scrapbooking, healthy food, exercise, art-sy things, acoustic/acapella music, photography, reading, ect!), and we could talk for days on end if we had the time! This semester we are going through the book "Respectable Sins" as well, and it has been eye-opening for both of us. Lauren will spend 10 weeks of her summer at Snow Mountain Ranch for the Navs summer training program. I am SO excited for her, and how God is going to grow her this summer!! If you would like to keep up with her experiences this summer, check out her blog: www.thesuninsnowflakes.blogspot.com. Another exciting thing is that Lauren's parents are adopting a little baby from China in the next few weeks!!!

Meet Danielle! She is a freshman at UNM, and is also studying nutrition. Danielle is a joy, with her bubbly laugh and big smile! We have been meeting every-other week to simply talk about life and what God has been teaching us. She has had a challenging year here at UNM, and is considering transferring to a Christian college in Texas. She will be greatly missed in Albuquerque, as she has had a great impact on the people in her life! It's so fun to get to know her, because in many ways, she reminds me of myself when I was a freshmen! I am so excited to see where God is going to take her in these next couple years.

Meet Tara! She is a junior at UNM, and has been involved in the Navigators for quite a few years now. She currently went through Caleb Team, which is 8 weeks of training for our upcoming leaders. Throughout those 8 weeks, I had the opportunity to meet with her each week and hold her accountable for the things she was learning from Caleb Team. Tara is a special challenge to me, as she is blind and has a very different personality. Through our times together, God has teaching me a lot about how to love difficult people! However, her heart for the Lord and for people is so authentic and beautiful, and we even got to share our fatih with a student on campus the other day. In the photo above, she is with her fiance, Chris.



Thu, 09 Apr 2009 01:07:56

As I told you I would, I stopped by to drop my blog address and just say hello. I hope all is going well for you, and I would love to hear from you sometime! It was great seeing you this evening.

-Matt Templeton


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