I had my weekly time with Valerie on Thursday, and we met at Kiva Juice for a refreshing, cold smoothy on such a hot day. We first talked about what God has been teaching us from the Word in the past week, and then we spent the rest of the hour studying the fruit of the spirit. We had such great conversation!  Each of those traits are talked about a lot in Christian groups, but often with much depth of meaning. We talked about what it means to truly love people...because in 1 John, we are commanded to love as Jesus loved us. That is a huge command! And joy, how it transcends circumstances, that even when we experience awful grief, we are still commanded to be joyful. We went into each of these fruits in depth, and I think we were both equally challenged by the Word! An hour had passed, and I told Valerie I needed to leave because I was parked at a meter, and I didn't want to get a ticket. We finished up our conversation, and as I walked back to my car, there was the Parking Police! Oh no! Yes, there it was under my windshield wiper...a parking ticket! I was 6 minutes too late! I texted Valerie and told her, and she responded by apologizing for making me late. I told her it was totally my fault, and she apologized again by saying, "I'm so sorry, I got way involved in our conversation"! How GREAT!

God using me to get a student to think about truths in the Word...that is worth SO much  more than the price of a parking ticket could ever be! I was so encouraged by Valerie's growth and eagerness to apply the Word to her life...and I can say that was the first time I sent in money for a parking ticket with JOY! Praise God! :o)



jan mosher

Sun, 26 Apr 2009 03:50:48

Hi Allison ! I dont communicate very often but I do think of you and pray for you as I remember or when God puts you on my mind. I love your pix of the day and all your interesting stories and notes about friendships and your girlfriends and those you are mentoring and in study with - and your parking ticket praise and the homeless man encounter!! ~ thanks !! I am praying for the retreat now and hope that the Spirit moves and hearts are blessed by you & the entire leadership team because of HIm ! I am positive you are doing a great job ! Well, not too long from now you wil be heading back to Iowa, leaving NM , having written another chapter in your life! Sure sounds like you will be missed and you'll miss everyone there !! And wow!! What an exciting experience of travel you have ahead of you this summer plus your 1st wedding shoot !! You have lots to look forward to and lots to remember !! Take care, enjoy and treasure your last month there!! Love Aunt Jan


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