Last's. 05/06/2009

I'm sitting in the SUB (student union building) after meeting a couple girls one-on-one for the last time, right before our last Nav Night. I cannot believe this time has already come. This semester has flown by. Experiencing "lasts", no matter what stage of life I'm in, is always a strange time. Have you ever noticed that in the final season of a particular stage of life, relationships seem to be sweeter and you begin to love what you're doing more than ever before? That's where I'm at. I've never loved working with students here at UNM as much as I have in these last couple weeks; but  that is because I know it is not a permanent stay. Because the end of this year is in sight, I have been freed to purely enjoy each part of every day. I just finished mailing out my newsletters, and in them you will read about the direction I am headed next year!

These past few weeks have been crazy with so much going on! We had our men's and women's retreats a week and a half ago, and they were a great success! We had 12 women join us on the women's retreat, and we had such a great time! It was a short get-away to rest, refuel and refocus as we studied parts of Psalm 23. We had extended time in the Word, fellowship, and time to spend alone with God. Plus it was in a cabin tucked away in the mountains! Couldn't get much better than that!

A week ago we had our all-campus Worship Night in place of our weekly Nav Night. I was in charge of heading up this event, and I am pleased with how it turned out. My biggest prayer was that God would use me as a tool to lead students into worsihp, and I am confident God answered that prayer. It's such an inexpressible joy to be up front and see a large group of students heartfully worshiping our Savior! It was a good experience for me to be in that position, though I much prefer following a leader! It certainly gave me a greater appreciation for all you worship leaders out there! =)

Last Friday we had our last Friday Night Bites at the EDGE Quad. It was 50's themed, so some students arrived in their 50s attire! We grilled out, had games in the backyard, and watched the movie "Cars" outside, projected on a sheet hung from two trees! So fun! I will miss those dinners, for sure!

I had my last Bible Study last night - we went to Coldstone for ice cream, and what a crazy night that ended up to be! While I was surrounded by a bunch of loud, laughing-so-hard-I-just-can't-stop girls, I couldn't help but remember what it was like with that group last semester! It was such a challenge to get them to have any discussion during our study, and I would leave feeling like they just didn't learn anything. And now I can't get them to stop talking and laughing!! What a huge blessing that is! God definitely taught me patience through that experience!

This is a week of lasts - so many more than the few I mentioned! Clint and Leigh Ann, Kim and I will all be packing up this week before we head to our Summit in Colorado Springs. I have the sweet opportunity of attending a photography workshop the beginning of next week in Pheonix, Arizona, taught by Melissa Jill. Check out her website:! She's a really talented Christian woman who has a very successful wedding photography business. I'm so excited to meet her and learn from her! I will fly from there to my summit, spend a couple days with Kim and her family after the summit, and then back to Albuquerque as I will be photographing a wedding on May 24th. Then I'll have to say goodbye to Albuquerque! These will be a full couple of weeks!



Tara Sena

Wed, 27 May 2009 09:47:18

Hey Allison! Love reading your blogs and this one was especially touching. I loved reding about the lasts and the craziness of life you had the past few weeks. I miss you already.


Sun, 06 Feb 2011 21:42:10

Remarkable! Your clarity on this subject supersedes what I have read so far on the internet. I liked your article also because it is precise, simple and informative. Thumbs Up...


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