"Be joyful ALWAYS. Pray CONTINUALLY. Give thanks in ALL circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus." - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 

April 19, 2009

1. Please pray for me as I put together a workshop for the women's retreat next weekend. My topic about how being uinder the Great Shepherd's care is fully satisfying (Ps. 23:1) Pray that God would speak to my heart about this important topic!

2. Please pray for Clint and Leigh Ann. They have spend the last couple weeks in South Carolina (where Leigh Ann is from) to fundraise for next  year. Pray that new donors would step up to give financially, and that they would have safe travels back to Albuquerque.

3. Please pray for Kim as she focuses on fundraising for her summer mission trip. Pray that God would move individuals to give abundantly and cheerfully!

April 3, 2009

1. Pray for me as I head up a worship night on April 29th. It is overwhelming to me to lead this event, but I trust God will use me, despite my lack of worship leading experience! Pray that it will be an evening of rich worship.

2. As the end of the semester is in sight, please pray that I would fight the good fight and finish the race that God has marked out for me here this semester at UNM.

March 9, 2009

1. Pray for our Spring Break Trip. We will be leaving this Sunday, the 15th, and will be back home Friday. We are taking about 10 students to the Navigator headquarters in Colorado Springs. Pray that students would grow in their faith and be refreshed in this week away.

2. Pray for Kim and I as we begin to plan the Women's Retreat in April. The theme will be {refresh, refuel & refocus}, and our focus will be on Psalm 23.

February 2, 2009

Continue to pray for God's leading for Clint & Leigh Ann, and Kim and I as we need to make final decisions about next year by March 1st.

Pray for me as I lead worship each Wed. night at Nav Night - that God will touch students' lives in a powerful way through our time of worship.

Pray for Kim and I as we begin to develop ideas for our women's retreat in April.

January 15, 2009

Prayer Requests as we begin a new semester:

1. Housing for Clint and Leigh Ann (they were forced to move out of the home they had lived in for the last year and a half, and are in need of a place to stay for the semester.

2. Growth: in the ministry, in the student's lives, and in us as a staff team.

3. Men. We are in great need of key male students who who will rise up to be leaders in the coming years. We have an abundance of women, but a shortage of men!

4. Spring Break Trip - we are taking students to the Navigator headquarters for a week long spring break trip.

5. Nav Night - we re-introducing a Nav Night this semester. Please pray for direction as we plan for the semester.

6. Next year. Join me in prayer as I seek God's direction for next year.

October 11, 2008

Please pray for student involvement, outside of Bible studies. We are finding it frustrating that students have a hard time committing to things.

Please pray for the Fall Conference, which is coming up on Oct. 31- Nov. 2. We are praying for 80-100 students to register, and that God would transform lives that weekend. Also pray for Leigh Ann & I, who have the huge job of snacks for 600+ students that weekend!

Please pray for my health. I've been battling a sinus infection & bronchitis all week, and my little nose is so sore from being blown!! 

Also, would you pray for God's guidance and direction in my life? It's been a difficult couple months as far as adjusting to a new place and a new lifestyle - this pace of life is crazy!! And I have found myself wondering if full-time ministry is for me. Pray that God would bring clarity to this area.

September 26, 2008

I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've posted prayer requests!! Here are a couple prayer updates:

Please pray for our team. We had a "Prayer and Share" staff meeting, where we each went into depth about how we are doing spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Many of us are in similar places of doubting whether full-time ministry is really for us, and overall we are in need of renewed purpose here on campus and spiritual refreshment.

Please pray for Xin Xin (pronounced like JinJin), who is a Chinese student that Leigh Ann meets with regularly. Pray for her salvation - we are praying that this would be the semester that she trusts Christ!!

August 30, 2008

Please pray that God would prepare 3-4 students who I can invest in this year at UNM. The selection process is very daunting, because there are so many students I would like to meet with each week, but I have limited space in my schedule. Pray that God would make it clear to me who to disciple one-on-one each week.

August 19th, 2008

Please pray for strength and energy. I have been really struggling with fatigue and headaches for quite a while now, and have been unable to discover the cause of it. This is especially a challenge now, as my schedule is beginning to get really busy. It's discouraging to not have an abundance of energy in this work, so please pray that I would rely on Christ's strength when I feel weary.

July 22, 2008

Please pray that my teammates, Ross and Kim, will also be fully funded by August 15th.

July 10, 2008

It is easy to simply ask for prayer that I would be 100% funding by August 15th. However, I would much rather prayer that during these next few weeks of funding, I would get to know God in a way that I have never known Him before. That's really what this is all about - deepening my realtionship with Him so that I can better influence this world around me for him!

April 19, 2009

1. Praise God for a safe trip home for Easter. It was so great to spend a long weekend at home and spend time with family and friends.

2. Praise God for the women in my Bible Study, and the evening of fun we had together last night. They are such a blessing and joy to me!

3. Praise God for my teammate, Kim. She has become such a close friend, and I truly love journeying through this EDGE experience with her!

April 3, 2009

1. Praise God for a successful, fun, challenging, fruitful, lifechanging spring break trip! We saw many students draw closer to the Lord and develop a deeper love for Him...as well as the new life He produced in XinXin (story on my blog)!!!

2. Praise God for how God is teaching students through the book of James. The women in my BIble Study have been grasping ahold of these truths and applying them to their lives!

3. Praise God for the blessing of friendship He has provided me with a couple of the students.

4. Praise God that I get to visit home for Easter! Yay!

March 9, 2009

1. Praise God for His faithfulness! We have seen Him working in so many ways this semester, and He even created a beautiful double rainbow tonight, reminding us of His eternal faithfulness!

2. Praise God for a great time at the Laborer's Conference. God used it to speak to our student's hearts, giving them a new passion to be a lifetime laborer for Christ!

February 2, 2009

Praise God that Clint and Leigh Ann are living with Kim and I, and that all is going well!

Praise God that we have a handful of new men involved in our ministry!

Praise God that we have already seen God grow the ministry just in these past couple weeks!

Praise God that our Nav Nights are off to a great start!

January 15, 2009

I am very disappointed with myself. I have had so many things to praise God for...but haven't been posting them! So, here are some recent praises:

I had a wonderful break at home with family and friends, and I am now safely back in Albuquerque.

My entire team is now fully funded!! Praise God!

Last semester ended really well, with great one-on-ones with students, rich Bible studies, and a huge Nav-wide Christmas party!

October 11, 2008

I write about most of my praises in my blog, but here are a bunch of praises from this past month!

Praise God for a home for Kim and I to live in...one that is fully furnished, even with kitchenware! A beautiful place to have students over!

Praise God that we have about 13 Bible studies up and running!! A huge increase from last year's 3 studies!

Praise God for the girls who are eager to meet with me each week for discipleship: Lisa, Danielle, Jalene and Annie!

Praise God for XinXin, the Chinese student who Leigh Ann got to share the bridge illustration with last week!! She is so close to salvation - she is very intelligent, and understands every aspect of the gospel, but just needs God to prove Himself real to hear. Praise God! He is truly working in her heart!

Praise God for team unity, especially for the friendship that has developed between Kim and I.

Praise God for a church to call home... Sagebrush Community Church. Now the next step that is quite difficult in such a large church....getting involved!

.....the list really could go on & on!

August 30, 2008

Praise God that I have only had one headache since I have been here, and I think that one was because I was dehydrated! I have gone back on a gluten-free diet, so I'm sure that is what has made the huge difference. Thank you so much for your prayers!

August 19th, 2008

Praise God for safety in travel down to Albuquerque, and for such warm, welcoming staff to join here!

Praise God for allowing Ross and Kim to be at 75% in their funding, and able to be on campus!

July 22, 2008

Check out my blog - so many stories of praises so far! At the end of each day of funding, all I want to do is stand on the top of a huge mountain and shout out praise to my God who truly supplies all our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus! He is more than worthy of all our trust and praise!